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Introducing Dynamic Lists for Broker Briefcase

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Zywave’s Broker Briefcase has continued to be the industry leader in providing brokers the largest repository of insurance-related content and tools you need to deliver your clients and prospects  

Now Zywave has added new Broker Briefcase features to empower brokers to leverage Broker Briefcase better than ever with Dynamic Lists, allowing brokers to:

  • Create lists based on targeted criteria like industries, account owners or geographic location
  • Eliminate the need to manually pick and choose list members
  • Prevent contacts from being omitted from lists by automatically populating lists with contacts meeting certain criteria
  • Schedule emails to be sent at specific timeframes

Easily set up automatic campaigns to
stay in front of prospects or clients.

Broker Briefcase

Seeing Broker Briefcase and all the safety and OSHA documents it has — those were some of the things I knew could make us a differentiator in the marketplace.”

Mick Hunt
Chief Operating Officer

If you sell to someone based on price, then they will leave you on price. I wanted to become an indispensable partner

— Lynn Chui
VP of Sales & Operations, Employee Benefits