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Introducing Commission Tracking

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BrokerageBuilder has improved its commission tracking experience to help you get the right data into the system as efficiently as possible. Take less time reconciling and more time using the insight to identify any discrepancies and help see accurate producer compensation. Fill out the form above to see all the great things now available in BrokerageBuilder.

Easily set up automatic campaigns to
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 With the goal of working at peak efficiencies, we can track the history of a claim, manage employee activities electronically via multiple offices with everyone having real-time information at their fingertips, along with tracking sales and commissions. From A to Z, the Zywave systems have us covered”

Michelle Sutter
EB Practice Leader

Now we have the tools where every client that comes to us can have those added benefits, and it’s something we can manage in-house, rather than having to manage another vendor