Get the whole D&O picture

Advisen's D&O database is a proprietary relational database of information about various events relating to directors and officers liability affecting public and private companies that have or could result in significant financial judgments or loss to directors, officers, and corporate entities.


Advisen’s Public D&O database includes events that have stemmed from numerous risks, among them:

  • Shareholder Risks
    • Securities Class Action
    • Merger Objection
    • Derivative Shareholder Action
    • Securities Individual Action
  • Corporate Capital Risks
    • Capital Regulatory Action
    • Books and Records
    • Wells Notices
  • Business Practices Risks
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Advisen’s Private D&O database includes $143B in D&O losses and nearly 30,000 D&O loss events to private companies from events like:

  • Business Practices Risks
  • Corporate Capital Risks
  • Government & Municipal Risks
  • Shareholder Risks
  • Trade Practices Risks
  • Management & Fiduciary Risks
  • Financial Practices
  • Services & Operations
  • General Litigation